Special Hospital for Dermatovenerology Ioanna

Dr Ioanna Batsialou Mesotherapy Centre was founded in 2003 and is a leader in Serbia and the wider region in the area of non-invasive plastic surgery and anti-aging medicine for over 15 years. In 2017, the center extends the scope of its activities and becomes, as a special hospital for dermatovenerology, a part of MediGroup - the largest privately owned healthcare system in Serbia and the wider region.

About Ioanna

Medical director and co-owner of the IOANNA hospital, Ioanna Batsialou MD PhD, is one of the most reputable European experts in non-invasive plastic surgery, mesotherapy and anti-aging medicine.

Thanks to its team of top professionals from Serbia and abroad - physiology specialists, esthetic and quantum healing, dermatologists, homeopathy specialists, acupuncture specialists, phytotherapists, nutritionists - Special Hospital IOANNA has a unique, integral and revolutionary approach to the new age medicine. By applying procedures of the highest standards in medical practice and individual approach to each and every patient, prevention of disease is the subject of treatment together with slowing down the process of biological aging of the body, so that the entire physical and mental state of a person is improved.

Special Hospital IOANNA is the only institution in the region providing unique holistic approach in the area of anti-aging and esthetic medicine and dermatology. This hospital offers its clients possibility to prevent fatal health consequences and obtain perfect appearance by prevention and continuous care.

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