Dr Kuhn Ferenc



1977 Doctoral Degree
1993 University of Alabama at Birmingham
2000 Primariarius Degree (Full Professor)

Reference / Stručni radovi / Članstva:

1. Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment: A Reappraisal of Its Pathophysiology and Treatment Kuhn, F., Aylward, B. Ophthalmic Research 51:15-31, 2014
2. Late versus prophylactic chorioretinectomy for the prevention of trauma-related proliferative chorioretinectomy Kuhn, F., Teixeira, S., Pelayes, D. Ophthalmic Research 48 S1:331-37, 2012
3. Visuzalization issues in ocular trauma surgery Kuhn, F. Retina Today 6:66-69, 2011
4. Combination therapy for branch retinal vein occlusion Kuhn, F. Expert Review of Ophthalmology, 6: 147-150, 2011
5. Management of the ruptured eye European Ophthalmic Review 3, 48-50, 2009 Kuhn, F., Pelayes, D.Over 1,500 lectures at international, national, and regional meetings, 3 books authored/edited, 135 articles and 91 book chapters published

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