Dr Ristić Pharmacies

Dr Ristić pharmacies operate within the MediGroup healthcare system. They were founded with the aim to provide the patients with complete healthcare service with the last but very important step being the pharmacy and dispensing the prescribed therapy.

The first Dr Ristić pharmacy started working in 2009. As MediGroup healthcare system was developing, the number of pharmacies grew and at the moment there are six pharmacies operating within the MediGroup healthcare system. The pharmacies are located all around Belgrade within the MediGroup medical centers and MediGroup General Hospital.



Products and benefits in Dr Ristić pharmacies

Besides a wide range of medications, dietary supplements and medical cosmetic products, Dr Ristić pharmacies also have the compounding pharmacy available. Medications are compounded according to practitioner’s prescription or official regulations. Permethrin cream, Theresienol oil pessaries, boric acid ear drops, etc are available at Dr Ristić pharmacies.

You may also order, at our pharmacies, the contact lenses and glasses prescribed by the ophthalmologist. The pharmacy in Health Centre Kalenić and Pharmacy Bulevar dispense Ekovel orthopedic insoles. In cooperation with orthopedists and physical therapy specialists, the pharmacy within MediGroup General Hospital and the pharmacy in Health Centre Narodnih Heroja dispense orthopedic aids and crutches.

Wishing to provide the patients with comprehensive healthcare service and enable them to exercise their right to medication availability, Dr Ristić pharmacies dispense prescribed and e-prescribed therapy and medical aids.

MediGroup system clients have the benefit of 5% discount on all products for each and every purchase. You may obtain additional information on discounts at all of our pharmacies.