MediGroup Team

MediGroup is the only private medical company functioning as a corporation, with professional management, established corporate culture and business principles and criteria adopted from the best foreign practices.

MediGroup Management

Dejan Pešić


CMO (Medical Director)

dr Milan Mijović

Jelena Đuričić


Mihailo Obućina

Executive Director of Strategy and Development

Executive Director of Outpatient

Slobodan Rudan

Executive Director of Inpatient

Marija Rabrenović

MediGroup Members Management

Slobodanka Kuzman

Manager of Medical centers dr Ristić

Predrag Gušić

Manager of Medical center Jedro

dr Danka Živanović

Manager of Medical centers Kalenić and Bulevar

dr Jelena Leka

Manager of Medical centers dr Cvjetković and Cara Dušana

dr Danka Grudić

Manager of Medical center Dorćol

Mr ph Mira Gavrilović

Manager of dr Ristić Pharmacies

Support Department Management

Maja Simić

Marketing and Sales Director

Jelena Blagojević

HR Director

Budimir Šanić

Financial director

Čedomir Šuljagić

IT Department Director

Vojislav Kosanović

Head of Technical Service

Nevena Zečević

Acting director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Miloš Mladenović

Acting director of Procurement

Dušan Zdravković

Sales Manager

Maja Delibašić

MediGroup Quality Manager

dr Miodrag Stefanović

Patient Care Manager

Nenad Ratković

Call center manager