Medical center MediGroup Cara Dušana

MediGroup Health Centre Cara Dušana is located in Novi Sad, in 26 Cara Dušana Street. Thanks to its top experts and state-of-the-art equipment, privately-owned health center Cara Dušana provides the clients with the highest level of care in different branches of medicine.

About MediGroup Cara Dušana

MediGroup Health Center Cara Dušama opened in 2019 as a part of MediGroup - the largest privately-owned healthcare system in Serbia and the wider region. MediGroup Cara Dušana is the first primary health care institution in Serbia in which there is also a diagnostic center, where users have all the necessary diagnostics: MRI, CT scanner, X-ray and Ultrasound diagnostics.

Doctors and medical staff of the privately-owned medical center Cara Dušana are motivated to provide the service our clients deserve - dedicated, friendly, competent and professional in all the aspects. MediGroup Health Center Cara Dušana is open 8-21 on working days, 8-20 on Saturdays, while it is closed on Sundays. 

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MediGroup Medical center Cara Dušana is located in Adamovićevo Naselje district of Novi Sad.