Special Ophthalmology Hospital Miloš klinika

Special Ophthalmology Hospital Miloš klinika was founded in Belgrade in 1999. Miloš klinika is organized as a Special Ophthalmology Hospital and the Centre for Refractive surgery. Special Ophthalmology Hospital is located in Vračar, in 25 Radoslava Grujića Street, while the Centre for Refractive Surgery is in Voždovac, 189 Bulevar Oslobođenja Street.

About Miloš Klinika

Modern examination rooms, offices and operating theaters are located in 1,700 square meters of specially designed and built hospital area. Miloš klinika has seven fully equipped ophthalmology examination rooms, office for functional diagnosis, ultrasonography and laser therapy, three operating theaters and a day hospital. 

Cutting-edge technology and modern work concept enable the clinic to match with its results to internationally recognized institutions. Thousands of satisfied patients confirm the quality of service together with the award from the USA Helen Keller Foundation for the treatment of ophthalmology patients.

Experts from our clinic have high academic achievements: specialists in ophthalmology, most of them holding a PhD in medical sciences and wide practical experience which is constantly improved in international ophthalmology centers. The clinic cooperates with prestigious institutions and guest experts from Europe and the USA.

Miloš klinika, a leading ophthalmology hospital with headquarters in Belgrade, operates within MediGroup healthcare system since 2014.


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